The 58th Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc., coming March 18-20, 2016 to the Hilton Westchester!


Lunacon 2016 has been over for a few weeks and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us or attended our convention.

We know we did some things well, but we also know that we did not do some things well or do them at all.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you liked, disliked, what you would like us to do in the future, what we should change, anything you can think of.

Contact us at our feedback email address. Every email will be read and discussed at our debriefing on April 17.

Your opinions are valuable to us. Everything you tell us will help make future Lunacons a better experience for all.

Again, on behalf of the New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc. and the entire Lunacon 2016 Committee, we thank you.

Stuart C. Hellinger
President, New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc.
Executive Committee, Lunacon 2016

Looking for the schedule?  Click here!
Guests of Honor

Robert J. Sawyer
Author of Flashforward and Red Planet Blues
Hugo, Nebula, Campbell winner


Rick Sternbach
Illustrator for Star Trek, The Last Starfighter, Cosmos, Solaris
Hugo, Emmy winner

Naomi Novik
Author of the Temeraire series
Campbell, Compton Crook winner


Music Guests


2016-03-20 13:52:29

Guests of Honor Robert J. Sawyer, Rick Sternbach, and Naomi Novik join our panel of judges to declare the winners of the Lunacon 2016 Art Show Awards.  

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2016-03-16 13:29:31

Been looking to see what events and panels Lunacon has to offer?  The Lunacon 2016 Program Guide is now available!  Here's a quick selection to whet your appetite:

  • Leonard Nimoy Memorial Tribute, a slate of Film and TV showings with Mr. Nimoy in a prominent or notable role - Friday 4pm
  • Meet the Pros party - Friday 8pm
  • Filk Circles in honor of the Author Guests of Honor, Naomi Novik and Robert J. Sawyer - Saturday 2pm and 3pm, respectively
  • Masquerade costume contest, with Murder Ballads halftime concert - Saturday 8pm
  • Werewolves of Miller's Hollow - Saturday 10pm
  • Special Shadowcast and Rocky Horror Shadowcast - Friday and Saturday, respectively, 11pm


The Lunacon 2016 Program Guide is courtesy of KonOpas, a mobile-friendly, open source schedule viewer created by Eemeli Aro, bid chair for the upcoming Worldcon 75 in Helsinki.  We continue to be thankful about the hard work Eemeli put into this program and recommend it for other conventions looking for a guide for their own schedule.

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2016-03-05 17:06:38

If you've tried to get into the Hilton for Lunacon but found that our room block has closed, you can still reserve a room to get in.  Even if you want to get into our Room Party Block, you can still reserve a room through the hotel, and we'll help get you set.  Hope to see you there in two weeks!

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2016-02-23 21:12:47

If you haven't reserved your room for Lunacon yet, the Lunacon Room Block at the Hilton Westchester closes this Thurday, the 25th of February.  Prices won't be guaranteed at Lunacon's rates if you reserve afterward, so now's your best chance!

Are you planning a party in your room?  If so, click here to get your party reserved into our party block!  Lunacon blocks all parties into an "active" portion of the hotel to greatly reduce the chance of noise complaints ending geeky room gatherings, and it makes it a great deal easier to hop from party to party, as they won't be scattered all around the hotel.

Read more about throwing parties at Lunacon here.

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2016-02-12 16:01:46

Looking for a great opportunity to reach an audience for your fan group or professional product?  Lunacon has two great ways to spread the word!

With a print run of at least 1000 copies, the Souvenir Book is a perfect place to put your advertisements.  And now that rates are lower than they've been in recent years, it's also the perfect time!  Read our introductory letter for important information about getting your ad in the Souvenir Book and the Rate Card for details on prices and specifications.

Lunacon's Fan Tables, located in the Westchester Assembly, gives an ideal space that the entire convention passes through regularly to display your worldcon bid, regional science fiction convention, or other fan organization.  Interested?  Fill our our online Fan Table Request Form today!

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2016-02-02 16:18:50

Yesterday, we put the finishing touches on Reservations for Dealers.  Today, Art Show has quickly followed! 

You may now register online to get your art displayed at Lunacon, or fill out and send in our fillable PDF (or our plain printable PDF for those who'd prefer it).  Don't forget to familiarize yourself with our rules, and read our Letter to the Artists for more important details.

We're gearing up for another great art show; don't miss it!

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It's the 58th Annual Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc.
Our combination of intellectual and whimsical revelry will commence in March 18 - 20, 2016 at the Hilton Westchester in Rye Brook, NY

We're New York's Longest-Running Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention
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